Beauty Treatments


Manicures and Pedicures are carried out using the lovely Thai salon system product and a range of Nail Varnish is used.


Gel Polish

With this treatment, your cuticles and nails are prepared very well as I believe this will improve the longevity of your manicure. I use Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss which are applied like a polish and cured like a gel.

Acrylic Dip

Future Gel

Most natural feeling nail enhancement.


IBX is a revolutionary treatment and can be used under Gel polish or as a stand alone treatment.


Please note, a minimum of three weeks growth is needed and you will only achieve a completely smooth wax from the third treatment as hair grows in stages.

Waxing for Men:


Eyelash Extensions

Flirties has become known as one of the most reputable brands when it comes to lash and brow enhancements and the range of high quality and innovative products has now been voted 'best product' for several years consecutively by professionals.

Your lashes are made fuller and longer by extending each individual lash. Various lengths, thicknesses and curls are used to achieve the desired look. Should you wish to maintain your lovely new lashes, infills will be required.

Lash Lift

Make your own natural lashes look fuller and longer with this stunning treatment. The lashes are lifted from the base and curved upwards and then tinted. This treatment is amazing for those of you who have downward pointing/straight lashes.

Full Body Scrub

A creamy mousse exfoliant effectively sloughs away dull surface skin revealing a smoother, softer skin. With and foaming action to cleanse and enriched with natural essential oils to detoxinate and tone.

Spray Tanning

Our organic tan formulation has been specifically developed with highest quality ingredients for best results and ultimate comfort for an all over even tan that lasts and lasts.

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